Code of conduct

In person and in code
  • Be clear and honest with all my tools for communication
  • Be mindful of what is essential
  • Be courteous to others
  • Always be learning
  • Be considerate to my future self
  • Uphold integrity with the people I work with
  • Set the ego aside and be open to other's perspectives
In code
  • Maintain best practices in creating durable and readable code
  • Always use the best tools available to write fast and efficient programs
  • Build websites that are accessible to all
In person
  • Always ask questions when clarification is needed
  • Practice deep listening when others are speaking to me




I'm happiest
  • Being useful to others.
  • Learning new things.
  • Sharing knowledge.
  • Solving problems.
  • Making things to click.
  • Clicking things I make.

What kind of person do you want to work with?

In a nutshell

I love my work! I spend 10-12 hours a day in "work mode". I get an obnoxious amount of joy from making something appear on a computer screen. The power to create useful and beautiful things is beyond rewarding. I've been making such things on the internet since 2008.

Work with me!

Because I love coding and I care about creating the best possible programs I can. Because I love learning and sharing new skills. I govern a genuine desire to understand people and their needs. I'm passionate, punctual, patient and professional. And because being of service to others makes me the happiest.

I also harbour a robust sense of humour and a calm and courteous state of being (for the most part).





Tools of passion
  • html iconhtml
  • css iconcss
  • javascript iconjavascript
  • react iconreact
  • node iconnode
  • sass iconsass
  • git icongit
  • postman iconpostman
  • postgres iconpostgres
  • figma iconfigma




Honing new tools
  • gatsby icongatsby
  • graphql icongraphql
  • meteor iconmeteor
  • typescript icontypescript
  • docker icondocker

    How will the person you hire now be contributing to the success of your company in 5 years from now?

    In 5 years from now

    I work with an inspiring team that has a strong and supportive work ethic. They expect the best of me. And I inspire the finest in them. We work on exciting projects that push our skills to the next level. We learn together and teach each other.

    I'm in a senior position. Helping and training others. Working close with my managers to achieve successful outcomes. I'm constantly learning new skills and implementing new tools. Attending conferences and workshops to keep sharp and stay relevant. Sharing my knowledge with everyone on the team.

    I've built lasting relationships with my work mates based in trust, integrity and clear communication. I am contributing to the success of a great company. I am content and inspired every single day.

    I made these
    Gatsby Blog ThemeMy Gatsby blog theme
    I built a Gatsby theme with MDX, NetlifyCMS, Typography.js and Emotion.js setup. Includes page transitions and animations.

    Javascript + React + Node + Gatsby + Emotion.js
    BeatscapeMy Beatscape App
    Allows a user to control all levels in a music composition. Allows a user to animate the sound levels for a dynamic 3D listening experience.

    Javascript + React + Node + Postgresql
    + AWS S3 + Web Audio API
    Design RocketMy Design Rocket App
    A dashboard app to centralize my favorite design tools. Using 3rd-party API data with JS fetch.

    HTML + CSS + Javascript + jQuery + fetch API
    Quiz AppMy SVG Quiz App
    A quiz app to get a stronger understanding of DOM event handling and accessible form inputs.

    HTML + CSS + Javascript + jQuery
    Animated Event Countdown AppMy Event App
    A SPA to learn more about React and play with some React animation libraries.

    React + React animation libraries
    Other things I love almost as much as coding


    Snowboarding through a forest on fresh powder.

    A long drive in the autumn while listening to Lo-fi instrumental hip hop.

    Listening to Shigeru Umbayeshi on a rainy day with a cup of dark roast and a splash of Irish cream.

    Playing a beautiful indie puzzle-platform video game with a bag of Waterbridge Funmix.